Women’s Grey Wool and Silk Midi Dress


Because of the different shades of gray color the dress looks like a skirt with a blouse, which gives to the dress a certain charm. The dress is made as an exclusive item.


A dress with a long sleeve of 42 size is made of two Indian dark gray stoles (60% wool, 40% silk). The lining is dark gray acetate (100%).

The bottom of the dress is gathered in folds and decorated with a pattern of different heights trees. There are birds sitting on the wires on the top of the dress and flying birds on the sleeves. The sleeves are without lining but have cuffs with one button.

The dress is fastened on the back with a long black secret zipper.

Care and handling:
Hand wash at 30 or less degrees separately from different color items.

We buy fabrics only for one dress. Getting a dress from us, you can be sure that you have a unique and exclusive dress.