Recycled Denim Game Bag «Triominos»


The game Triominos bag is made from black jeans, which is one of the most durable materials.


One of our clients approached us with the request of designing this bag as the original bag for this game was not suitable for use due to severe damage. The designed bag has an embroidery showing the name of the game in red colour. It looks original and unique. The client was very happy to get this bag to his game. You have the opportunity to buy also such unique and practical bag for your game.

The bag with a triangular shape is similar to a domino.

The bag has the following dimensions:

The length of the sides of the bag is 18 cm
The width of the bottom and sides is 5 cm
The length of the handle is 22 cm

The bag closes with a lace-decorated zipper to make it comfortable and easier for use.